Seating And Positioning Specialists

Finding the proper match for a person and his/her wheelchair or different mobility tool is a unique procedure involving the expertise of a seating and positioning expert. This is one uniqueness of physical remedy. The primary objective of the therapist is to facilitate the best practical degree possible for the purchaser. This involves meeting a wide sort of standards, inclusive of aid requirements, posture, variety of movement, ailment development, power, skin sensitivity, surroundings and practical ability.

Assistive technology has emerged as a feasible area of specialization for occupational therapists in settings starting from colleges to person rehabilitation centers to developmental facilities. Therapists who paintings on this burgeoning area must be aware of the certification procedure for assistive generation practitioners.

As with maximum professional certifications, those who are searching for RESNA's ATP credential are required to satisfy minimal standards in three areas: schooling, paintings experience, and a hit completion of a standardized written examination.

The education and work revel in standards should each be met before one is permitted to sit down for the ATP exam. The education criterion may be glad with anybody of the subsequent: (a) a bachelor's diploma in a "rehabilitation technology"-which, for RESNA's purposes, includes occupational therapy, bodily therapy, speech-language pathology, unique training, rehabilitation engineering, low-vision rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, audiology, nursing, and medication; (b) an associate's diploma in a rehabilitation technological know-how (e.G., COTA and PTA packages); or (c) a bachelor's degree in a nonrehabilitation technological know-how.

The paintings enjoy criterion varies truly depending on one's instructional background. Those with a BS or BA in a rehabilitation science-associated most important are required to build up 2 calendar years of experience that includes .25 full-time equal (FTE), approximately 10 hours in line with week, of assistive era provider transport. Those with an AS or AA diploma in a rehabilitation technology-related place are required to build up 2 calendar years of experience that entails at least .50 FTE, approximately 20 hours consistent with week, of AT carrier transport. Those with a BS or BA degree in a nonrehabilitation science discipline are required to build up 4 years of provider transport experience at at the very least .50 FTE. In all instances, RESNA's PSB verifies work experience via a written declaration from the ideal supervisor(s).

The ATP certification procedure is a healthy developmental milestone for the exceedingly younger subject of assistive generation. The basic position of assistive generation credentialing is to make certain customer safety and increase customer pride. The ATP certification is not a license to exercise and does now not permit humans to practice in a place in which they are no longer prepared. However, it is the simplest formal technique that attests to advanced expertise and practice competencies inside the assistive era specialization vicinity.

Many mobility agencies do no longer get permitted nor do they have a certified seating and positioning expert (ATP). Many wheelchair users have back aches, strain sores, and fatigue due to the fact they have not been nicely seated/measured for using a wheelchair.

Your mobility dealer must have crew of reputable and exceedingly educated seating and mobility specialists have a extensive range of assessment equipment to be had to help you make an knowledgeable preference about your wheelchairs, with nicely educated workforce with plenty of labor revel in.

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